About Us


A small-town boy from the south of Belarus, Mikita Kunitsky was first brought to a beading class by his late grandfather. Ever since, he has been creating and designing jewelry. Combining the ancient and intricate art of beadwork with his feel for current trends, Mikita’s work shapes and moves forward the craft of jewelry-making today.

Fashion, style, art and a deep understanding of aesthetic have guided me from the moment I started hand-making accessories to this very day. Since I was twelve years old I have been relentlessly studying biographies of iconic couturiers, bringing heaps of magazines from my trips abroad and coming up with jewelry designs for my friends every evening’.

‘Eventually I came to realize that the niche which once gave me my creative voice had started to restrict me. I worked out that now is the time to grow, as well as allow myself to change and find new outlets for my creativity. No longer exclusively focusing on beading but incorporating a variety of materials and techniques, my latest project ‘Mikita Kunitsky’ is all about an eclectic mix of the old and the new, and finding beauty in the everyday. Even the smallest things can inspire the greatest art.